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Your Roadmap to Business Success!


Basic Business Planning for Entrepreneurs -Your Roadmap to Success 2nd Edition – Created by Roger S. Robinson, Ph.D.

This is the 2nd edition of a workbook to business success by Robert S. Robinson, Ph. D.

This book is an essential tool


What Is a Business Plan?-Why Plan?-The Roadmap- This Workbook-Executive Summary
1. Your Dream-Business Description
Product/Service/Purpose-Opportunity/Need-The Customer-Vision, Mission, and
Values-Management-Legal Structure
2. Your World-The Market
External Situation Analysis-Industry/Market/Competition-Your Competitive Edge/USA-Internal
Analysis/Your SWOT-Market Trends/Market Growth/Value Added-Keys to Success
3. Your Destination-Goals and Objectives
Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Results Oriented, Time Based
4. Your Money-Financial Projections
Profit & Loss/Balance Sheet-Cash Flow/Break Even- Startup/Working Capital-Cost/Benefit
Analysis-Investment/Use-Payback Plan
5. Your Route-Implementation
Business Model-Operational Plans-Receivables/Payables/Inventory-Service Standards-
Management Plan/Marketing Plan-Key Results-Milestones-Action Plans/ Strategic Choices-
Who/What/Why/When/Where/How/Cost (including Startup)
6. Your Progress-Indicators of Success
Are You on Track/Ahead/Behind-Budget/Plan Variance Analysis- Environmental Changes-
Regulatory Changes-Customer Perceptions- Review/Modify/Correct-Risk Analysis
7. Executive Summary
Executive Summary Worksheet-Elevator Speech-Appendix


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