How do You Write a Social Media Implementation Plan?

How do you write a social media implementation plan? 16 Feb

How do You Write a Social Media Implementation Plan?

What is a Social Media Implementation Plan? This question was ask on Mosaic Hub and I felt it’s a good question to answer here. I call it a social media tactical plan, which goes with the strategic plan, which is part of the overall marketing plan, which is part of the your business plan.

Having plans for every part of your business is crucial to keep you on track. Otherwise, you will be lost and waste time and money. Yes, I know it’s hard work. You know your business, your expertise. That’s where a SCORE Mentor can help guide you in the right direction and review your plan.

There are 3 things to consider before you can develop a Social Media Implementation plan.

  1. Clearly define your target market(s). Learn who they are, what they like, which networks they use the most. It takes some research.
  2. Set SMART goals. How many new clients or sales do you need each month to reach your monthly monetary goal? How many leads do you to get to reach that goal?
  3. Develop a strategy on how you are going to market to your target. You’ll need some overall objectives and strategy and then strategies for each of the social networks as well as content marketing – creating your own content (blog posts, videos, graphics or podcasts) and sharing content from trusted sources of interest to your target.

Now you can start on the tactics – how you are going to implement the strategies.

How do you write a social media implementation plan?If you’re more B2B, then you’re probably going to be heavy on LinkedIn, spending more time there. Use Google+ and Twitter for overall exposure and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). You can use Facebook — and FB is trying to attract B2B advertisers with enhanced audience insights. However, don’t spend that much time there.

If you’re B2C — trying to reach the consumer — you’re going to be using Facebook and Pinterest more. Posting regularly on Google+, Twitter and LinkedIn will help with gaining exposure and SEO.

You need to blog at least 3 times a week for optimum lead generation and drawing traffic to your website. Your website has to be set-up to capture leads so you can then convert visitors in to leads and leads into sales.

There are tools like Feedly, Twitterfeed, TweetDeck and HootSuite to help you find content and schedule posts to go out in the future. (I show how these work as part of my Social Media Marketing Boot Camp)

How much time should you spend on each network?

Become a follower magent on social media by posting the right content. It depends. Focus on the networks where your target market hangs out the most, where you’re building relationships and the ones that are driving the most traffic to your website.

If you’re starting from scratch with little or no following, you should spend at least 90 minutes a day for the first 30 days searching for your targets on the networks, posting content that they’ll like and building relationships. Once you reach a certain number of followers (varies with the networks), you can start getting analytics and insights on follower demographics, best time to post, what types of posts they like, etc. It doesn’t have to be a whole block of 90 minutes. Spread it out. That’s what the tools mentioned above help you do. Schedule the time in your calendar system.

If you don’t spend this time up front to build your following, it’s going to take you longer to start seeing results.

Your first month’s following goals should be:

  • Twitter: 100 Followers
  • Facebook: 30 Likes
  • Google+: 200 (may take you longer than 30 days)
  • LinkedIn: 50 connections and a completed profile makes you an “all-star”

Once you’ve built a following, then you go into maintenance and management mode. This can be done in 30 minutes a day. (I also show you how to do this with the tools as part of my boot camp.)

Today’s digital marketing: social, content and mobile is effective and it’s not going away. You either need to embrace it, adapt, learn and use it properly and effectively, hire someone to do it, or close up shop.

Questions? Feel free to comment below!

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[…] How do You Write a Social Media Implementation Plan? […]


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