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19 Jan

Is Marketing Harder for Small Business Owners?

Don't let today's technology intimidate you - the small business owner! You can conquer it!Without the big budget of a public company, marketing can seem to be limited as far as how much you can do with a small budget if you are a small business owner. Sure, it can be challenging, but with today’s technology and huge variety of channels available for free, marketing can be conquered, effective and successful.

When the Internet and World Wide Web emerged into the marketing scene in the ’90s it was the great equalizer. All of a sudden, the little guy could compete on a level playing field with the big guys. Today, Social Media has enhanced the number channels that a business has to promote in. Still being the great equalizer.

Before, it was if you weren’t in the Yellow Pages, you didn’t exist. Then it was if you’re no on the WWW, you don’t exist. Now, it’s if you’re not active on Social Media you don’t exist.

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Ah,  but you say, “I don’t have a budget to hire someone to do my social media and I don’t have time!” Sure you do. You have to carve out the time. You can’t afford to NOT be active on social media. You can bet your competition is – no matter how big they are!

Here’s how social media, content marketing and search engine optimization works in today’s marketing even for the small business owner:

If you can’t afford to hire someone to do your marketing for you, then you need to learn how to do it yourself or train someone in your staff. It’s not that difficult when it’s explained methodically in a way that makes sense.

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Learn how to be more productive.

There are so many time-wasters, like an overwhelming email inbox, in your everyday work-life that if you became a little better organized, you’d be surprised how much more you can get done!

Recently, I worked with Margo Brown, a productivity coach, to help me get organized after the fire in my apartment building displaced my home office. Ever since then, I find myself 100% more organized and productive!

She’s got an Email Inbox Organizing Class at SCORE coming up. If you have an email inbox, you need to take it!

Anything that seems intimidating can be conquered one step at a time.

About the Author, Giselle Aguiar, AZ Social Media Wiz

Giselle Aguiar, AZ Social Media WizGiselle Aguiar, founder of AZ Social Media Wiz is a social media, inbound and content marketing strategist & trainer helping business owners learn how to leverage the power of social media marketing, increase traffic to their websites, generate leads, increase brand awareness and establish themselves as experts in their fields. She’s the official Social Media, Newsletter and Blog Manager for Greater Phoenix SCORE and offers Social media classes at the new AZ Social Media Training Center. 602-738-1700. You can connect with Giselle online at LinkedIn or on Google+.

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How to Earn $10,000 a Month with your Business

How to earn $10,000 a month!Who doesn’t want to make $10,000 a month in their business! For a startup, that is a “Dream” goal not a “Realistic” goal.

This video by Derek Halpern of Social Triggers explains the difference.

Your “Dream” goal needs to be broken down into smaller, bite-sized goals that are realistic and attainable.

A SCORE mentor can help you set “SMART” goals:

  • Specific
  • Measurable
  • Attainable
  • Relevant
  • Time-bound

Click here to schedule a FREE mentoring session with a SCORE mentor near you!


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Video: Supercharge Your Sales and Marketing

Supercharge the 80/20 rule of sales and marketingWhat’s the difference between sales and marketing? Yes, there’s a difference.

Marketing is what you do to make the phone ring, the emails to come into your inbox and the people come to your website.

Sales happen when you answer the phone, reply to the email, or convert the visitor into a customer.

The two work together. Can’t have a successful business without both.

In this video from Entrepreneur Magazine, sales expert Perry Marshall explains the 80/20 rule:

  • Selling is taking a position on how a problem can be solved.
  • You need to really believe in what you sell – be passionate about your product or service.
  • You need to know what you Return on Investment (ROI) on your marketing is. Measuring what’s working and what’s not working. This applies to both paid advertising and “organic” (unpaid) marketing.
  • You need to create “raving fans”.
  • In e-commerce, get the traffic, convert the traffic into sales, then take the dollars and re-invest it in more traffic (advertising/marketing)

At Greater Phoenix SCORE, we have over 72 experienced mentors — many in sales and marketing — who can coach you for FREE! Click here to schedule an appointment.


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Do you Have an Exit Strategy?

What's your business exit strategy?As an entrepreneur, you had to create a business plan for your business when you started up. It included an executive summary, financials, marketing plan and some forecasting. But how far into the future did you go? 1 year? 5 years? 10 years?

A question you need to ask yourself — and many business owners overlook this — is What’s Your Exit Strategy?

  • How long are YOU planning to run your business?
  • When do you see yourself exiting the business?
  • What happens when you retire or can no longer run it?
  • Does it go to your children? Would they want it?
  • Are you going to sell it?

In this video from Lynda.com, author David Crenshaw explains some of the options you have. Watch it, then look at your options below…..

This probably got you thinking and you have more questions than answers. So, attend…

The Integration of Financial Planning with Business Management for the Entrepreneur

Thursday, October 15, 2015, 1-4 pm at Greater Phoenix SCORE. $25. Click here to register and for details.

If you need a business coach, a Greater Phoenix SCORE mentor can help you for free! Click here to schedule an appointment.

Who Needs A Business Plan?

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7 Secrets of Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs 5 Oct

7 Secrets of Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs

What made you start a business? There had to be a passion, vision or idea. Starting a business is only the first step. Maintaining and growing it are where many entrepreneurs struggle and sometimes fail.

In this video, Derek Halpern of Social Triggers explains the 7 Secrets of Wildly Successful Entrepreneurs.

  1. Have a thick skin
  2. Cut the line
  3. Focus on high-value work
  4. The buck stops with you
  5. Climb the right ladder
  6. What got you here, won’t get you there
  7. Zig when others Zag

Check out the upcoming Phoenix SCORE Classes for entrepreneurs. The next 5 seminars are listed on the left column of this page, but if you don’t see what you need, click here for the full list and search for either marketing, business plans, etc. to find a local seminar. National SCORE also offers free online webinars, check those out here. They also have free tools and templates.


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Do You Want 60% More Revenue in Your New Business? Join a Franchise System

Then Join a Franchise System

Do You Want 60% More Revenue in Your New Business?Some prospective business owners may ask, “Why should I invest in a franchise business when I can open my own independent business in the same industry?” The implication is that the first time business owner can do just as good a job opening their independent business as the franchise system does in opening its new outlets. And, since an independent business doesn’t pay royalties the novice independent business owner will put more money in their own pocket.

If we check the data, this turns out not to be true in almost all cases. Actual data shows that in those industries in which franchise systems operate, franchised establishments produce 60% more revenue than independent establishments. Do you want 60% more revenue in your new business?

There are many, many factors that work together to give these results. Let’s look at just two of these factors today. Franchised business establishments end up hiring about 30% more employees than independent business establishments. More importantly, each of the franchise employees produces about 24% more revenue per employee than employees of independent business establishments. These two factors multiplied together (1.30 employees x 1.24 revenue/employee = 1.60 revenue) gives the 60% higher revenue.

The franchise employees are more productive than the independent business employees. Again, there are many, many factors that work together to make this so. Among them typically are better recruiting programs, better training programs, better operating systems and economies of scale.

But does all this put more money in the first time business owner’s pocket?

That is the key question. In addition to franchise businesses having higher revenue they also tend to have lower expenses expressed as a percentage of revenue. One of the biggest expense line items in many industries is labor. Labor is frequently expressed as a percentage of revenue in a profit and loss statement.

Since franchised business have more productive employees their cost of labor expressed as a percentage of revenue is much lower than independent businesses. For those who like math, a 24% increase in revenue per employee translates to a 19% reduction in cost of labor as a percentage of revenue. Would you like a 19% labor reduction to go with your 60% higher revenue? And, would you like an apple pie to go with your cheeseburger?

A well-run franchise system will help reduce the cost of every other line item expense on the P & L Statement as well.

As a percentage of revenue, the franchised establishment will have lower cost of goods, lower overhead cost, lower selling, general & administrative (SG & A) costs, lower cost of debt service (assuming a first time independent business owner can even get financing) than the independent business owner trying to compete with them.

These are some of the reasons why astute business owners choose to wisely invest in a well-run franchise system. With higher revenue and lower costs, after paying a royalty, they end up with more money in their own pocket.

Not sure what type of business you should start? A SCORE mentor can help you with this. Schedule a free mentoring session here.

About the Author:

Kent Craven with FranNetKent Craven is the longest tenured office owner in FranNet. FranNet has worked with SCORE Chapters nationwide since 1987 to help educate prospective business owners about franchising. Contact him at www.frannet.com/kcraven or by phone at 602-224-9333 ext. – 2.


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