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How to Start a Business with No Money 8 Aug

How to Start a Business with No Money

By David Spindell, Certified SCORE Business Mentor

How to Start a Business with No MoneyI was born in Brooklyn, New York. My neighborhood was the slum of Brooklyn. In my school they were trying a new system of education. They were going to let the students learn at their own pace — in other words, not to follow any school curriculum. I was learning how to go from writing print to script.

We moved to a new neighborhood and a new school. The students were reading a book a week, and doing a book report. I became the dumbest student in the school. I had to work extra hard to move ahead in life. My father was a Local 3 Union electrician. So I got into the union because it was a father and son union.

Life was extra hard for me. I was saved by my business smarts. Which I want to share with you.

I was a successful electrical contractor who ran a multi-million dollar electrical company for 35 years. I’ve had a plumbing business, a bar, a bagel store, a jewelry store and a pawn shop. I am a very diversified entrepreneur.

I was very lucky to learn all bout business, from my first partner and I want to share with you what he shared with me that made me very successful ,

And show you where you can find a partner like I had. I want to teach you how you will know to find the right answers to all your business questions. I want to give you the confidence, to know that you can be successful at any business you go in to.

You are a very bright person, you can over come any obstacle. From my experience you will learn all you need to know to become successful.

I will teach you:

  • How to find a business
  • How to fund a business
  • How to run a business
  • How to start a business with very little money,even no money
  • How to go from the dumbest student to the smartest
  • How a billionaire made all his money with out paying any taxes – Legally
  • How to get a amazing partner like I did
  • How to do the right thing
  • How to continue your success

Confidence is the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur. If you have the confidence nothing can stop you. You know how to handle any situation that could come up. I want to give you the confidence. And watch you grow into the business giant you could be.

If you want to run your own business you have to look at the good:

  • You control your own destiny
  • You can make a lot of money.
  • You are respected by your peers.
  • You have full control if your life.
  • You can help others

Hopefully, you will become a very confident human being!

Sign up for David’s class on August 18, 2016, $25.



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SCORE Success Story: AZ Social Media Wiz

I have a unique relationship with Greater Phoenix SCORE. I am a volunteer as I manage their social media and teach a workshop at least once a month. I’m also a vendor – they pay me monthly to manage this very blog site and to send out the weekly email newsletter and email promotions for their seminars. But I wouldn’t be where I am today, with out the free mentoring. And since I spend so much time there, I get to pick their brains every whenever I have a question.

I’ve been doing Internet marketing in one form or another since 1995. I moved to Phoenix 10 years ago and was working in various sales and marketing jobs till September 2008 when I got laid off. I was unemployed for 2 years. When I lost my job, I started a blog, “Internet Marketing Tips” and became active on LinkedIn. Those two efforts got me a job doing online marketing and events for a financial planner. I got laid off after a year and I saw it as a blessing in disguise. Having learned all about blogging and social media marketing on-the-job, I gave a presentation on blogging and Twitter for a group of writers and I saw that there was a huge opportunity training small business owners, over 40, on how to use social media marketing to promote themselves.

SCORE Success Story: AZ Social Media WizHence, I took the leap of faith and started AZ Social Media Wiz, providing 1:1 training, set-ups, strategic plans and implementation. I went first to the AZ Small Business Development Council (AZSBDC) (a sister organization to SCORE) to get help with my business plan.

I first encountered SCORE at a NetworkingPhoenix.com event and asked them, “who do I need to talk to about holding classes for SCORE.” That started it. My first class was a joint seminar with SCORE and the Ahwatukee Chamber of Commerce.

I was about 3 months into my start-up when I attended the free SCORE’s ABCs of Starting a New Business at the Phoenix Public Library that they present every first Saturday. (You can see their schedule here.)

A few months later, I was contacted by Scott Schreiber, now retired, about writing a couple of blog posts a month. In the summer of 2013, Scott asked me to help promote their upcoming Symposium on social media. I informed him that you can’t just start doing social media and stop after an event. People will think you fell of the face of the earth. It’s an on-going effort. That’s how I became a volunteer managing their social media. (My post, “11 LinkedIn Reputation Killers“, is the most popular post in their blog!)

Besides doing the 1:1 training and providing the social media services, I thought of recording training videos and offering them online. The challenge is that social media changes constantly and as soon as something is published — book or video — it’s obsolete. The other challenge was taking the time to record the videos. I remodeled my business plan in attempts to get some funding so I can take 3 months off to record the videos. I met with several SCORE mentors, Rod Houston, Andy Beran regarding my “pitch” for an Indigogo crowdfunding campaign and I also picked the brain of Tom FitzSimons when I thought of bringing on a business partner.

My problem – no collateral and lousy credit history. Crowdfunding didn’t work for me.

I ditched the video idea and decided to hold more local classes for the Phoenix-area entrepreneurs. I searched for the right space, rented a room at a computer school for a while, but I felt the best way to go was to find my own retail space. Problem came back to: no funding.

At the annual SCORE volunteer appreciation dinner, I sat next to Mike Levy. Not wanting to miss the opportunity of picking his brain, I started, “I’ve been growing my business with just the income – no funding or investors.”

SCORE Success Story: AZ Social Media Wiz“You’ve been bootstrapping,” he said.

“Yes, I want to open a training center in a retail location, but I have to buy tables, chairs and equipment. Any ideas?”

He said, “Try ACCION. They’re here in the Southwest and they help minority business owners with loans – and you cover 2 minority – Hispanic woman.”

I ran with it. The next day, I applied and I got an $8,000 loan. The SCORE dinner was a Wednesday night, the money was in my bank account Friday. Wow!

July 28, 2015, I signed a lease for a 1250 sq. ft. space in North Phoenix and opened the AZ Social Media Wiz Training Center. It’s a dream come true!

If you’re a business, no matter what stage you’re in: just thinking about it, starting-up, growing or established, you can benefit from either the free mentoring sessions and/or the local workshops and even online webinars! They also have free templates and tools to help you put together your business and marketing plans, budget, financial statements, etc.

Thank you, SCORE for all your continued help! Oh, and you’ll all get an invite to the grand opening!

Giselle Aguiar
Owner, AZ Social Media Wiz

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Video: Mark Cuban’s 12 Rules for Startups

Mark Cuban 12 Tips for StartupsIf you’re in business and you don’t watch Shark Tank, you’re missing out on the best business advice you can ever get. You can catch reruns on ABC on Friday nights and weeknights on CNBC Primetime. Even when watching shows you’ve watched before helps you grab tips that you may not have caught before.

It comes down to finding something your love to do and then just trying to be great at it.”
Mark Cuban

In this video, Mark Cuban, notorious serial entrepreneur, shares his top 12 Rules for Startups:

  • Is it an obsession?
  • Know your core competencies
  • Not just for company founders, but for those thinking of working for a start-up
  • How are you going to monetize it?
  • Go with what you know
  • Flat and open
  • Have fun!

Thinking of starting something up? Meet with a SCORE Mentor for FREE! Or attended one of our seminars – check out the list on the left side of this blog for the next classes or visit our website.

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Arizona Corporation Commission Launches new eCorp Website for Businesses

The Arizona Corporation Commission Launches eCorp – A Site Providing Enhanced Services for Businesses: http://eCorp.azcc.gov

Arizona Corporation CommissionIf you’re starting a business in Arizona, you need to file the appropriate forms with the Corporation Commission. This new site makes it easy to:

  • Search to see if your business name is available
  • Learn where to start
  • Get statistical data about Arizona businesses
  • Get copies of your company’s filing and status
  • Get their current processing times
  • A Services page for quick access to available services such as online Certificates of Good Standing, annual report email reminders, and records requests
  • Ten Steps to Starting a Business in Arizona.
  • It’s compatible with the major web browsers and mobile devices.

Here’s a video tour and tutorial of the site:

All corporations and LLCs doing business in Arizona must file their business entity documents with the Corporation Commission. There are approximately 198,145 corporations and 643,498 LLCs registered to do business in our state. Last year, the Commission received 373,067 business filings.

If you need help deciding which type of entity you should be, a SCORE mentor can help you with that for free!!! Click here to schedule a meeting. We have several locations in the Phoenix Valley.

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SCORE Success Story: Greg Rudolph, Board Blazers

Board Blazers - SCORE success storyAfter I spotted a student who had duct-taped Christmas lights to his skateboard riding around the Arizona State University campus one night in 2011, I was inspired with the idea for Board Blazers LED Underglow Skateboard, Longboard & Scooter Lighting. I risked most of my personal savings and started the company at 20 years old in March 2012.

Since I had no prior entrepreneurial experience, SCORE mentors have provided invaluable mentorship and guidance, even after the early hurdles of starting the company. Starting your own business can be a lonely exercise – understandably, everyone tires of just ‘bouncing around ideas’ – but SCORE mentors are always willing to brainstorm, offer a connection, and thoughtfully answer your questions in a confidential environment. Most importantly, I’ve found they consider your business challenges as if they were their own.

Thanks to the help of SCORE and a host of other mentors, the company has grown into a surprising success. Board Blazers have become the #1 selling skateboard lighting system on Amazon.com, with lights sold in all 50 U.S. states and 16 countries. Board Blazers has been featured by USA Today, FOX News, KTLA, the Arizona Republic, the OC Register, AZ Tech Beat, and the Phoenix Business Journal, among others. In March 2013, they were featured by rapper Lil Wayne’s TRUKFIT brand at the renowned SXSW festival, sparking a viral YouTube video. I’ve been named one of Arizona’s “Top 35 Entrepreneurs Under 35,” and in 2014 was profiled by the national FOX TV show “Live Life & Win!” In 2015, Board Blazers was highlighted in Entrepreneur magazine. I’ve also created the Beyond Business Institute to provide leadership and entrepreneurship speaking, consulting, and coaching services, aiming to pass along what I’ve learned from my experiences with the same level of care and consideration that SCORE has always provided me.

You can be the next SCORE success story! Schedule your free business mentoring appointment with a Certified SCORE Mentor today!

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Video: An Overview of Strategic Planning

“If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Strategic Planning is crucial for any businessBen Franklin’s quote is the essential mantra for any business – whether you’re just starting out or have been going for years.

Strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its strategy, or direction, and making decisions on allocating its resources to pursue this strategy. It may also extend to control mechanisms for guiding the implementation of the strategy. (Wikipedia)

We have a Strategic Planning Seminar 4/23 at 1 pm where you can learn:

  • The difference between a Strategic Plan and a Business Plan.
  • How an effective strategic plan can be used as a road map to achieve business goals.
  • How strategic planning is a critical process that lays the foundation for all other planning in order to achieve growth and profitability.

Presented by Michael Mobley of CEO Focus. Click here to register.

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