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How to Start a Business with No Money 8 Aug

How to Start a Business with No Money

By David Spindell, Certified SCORE Business Mentor

How to Start a Business with No MoneyI was born in Brooklyn, New York. My neighborhood was the slum of Brooklyn. In my school they were trying a new system of education. They were going to let the students learn at their own pace — in other words, not to follow any school curriculum. I was learning how to go from writing print to script.

We moved to a new neighborhood and a new school. The students were reading a book a week, and doing a book report. I became the dumbest student in the school. I had to work extra hard to move ahead in life. My father was a Local 3 Union electrician. So I got into the union because it was a father and son union.

Life was extra hard for me. I was saved by my business smarts. Which I want to share with you.

I was a successful electrical contractor who ran a multi-million dollar electrical company for 35 years. I’ve had a plumbing business, a bar, a bagel store, a jewelry store and a pawn shop. I am a very diversified entrepreneur.

I was very lucky to learn all bout business, from my first partner and I want to share with you what he shared with me that made me very successful ,

And show you where you can find a partner like I had. I want to teach you how you will know to find the right answers to all your business questions. I want to give you the confidence, to know that you can be successful at any business you go in to.

You are a very bright person, you can over come any obstacle. From my experience you will learn all you need to know to become successful.

I will teach you:

  • How to find a business
  • How to fund a business
  • How to run a business
  • How to start a business with very little money,even no money
  • How to go from the dumbest student to the smartest
  • How a billionaire made all his money with out paying any taxes – Legally
  • How to get a amazing partner like I did
  • How to do the right thing
  • How to continue your success

Confidence is the key to becoming a successful entrepreneur. If you have the confidence nothing can stop you. You know how to handle any situation that could come up. I want to give you the confidence. And watch you grow into the business giant you could be.

If you want to run your own business you have to look at the good:

  • You control your own destiny
  • You can make a lot of money.
  • You are respected by your peers.
  • You have full control if your life.
  • You can help others

Hopefully, you will become a very confident human being!

Sign up for David’s class on August 18, 2016, $25.



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Today's Content Marketing 3 Nov

Video: Content Marketing for Startups

Are you using Content Marketing to promote your business? The more fresh, relevant content you produce or publish, the higher your changes of getting on the first page of Google.

In this video, Susan Su, explains how people read content online and gives some cool advice on how you can get your content seen!

  • Paid advertising isn’t what it’s made out to be. Internet users have “banner blindness”. They don’t pay attention to paid ads or banners that look like an advertisement.
  • There is no such thing as free traffic – you either pay with money or time.
  • 50% of your energy goes into creating the content and the other 50% goes into its distribution.
  • There are many types of “content”.

Any type of marketing requires a marketing plan – even so with today’s digital channels.

A SCORE mentor can help you by reviewing your marketing plan for free. Click here to schedule your appointment.

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Video: Supercharge Your Sales and Marketing

Supercharge the 80/20 rule of sales and marketingWhat’s the difference between sales and marketing? Yes, there’s a difference.

Marketing is what you do to make the phone ring, the emails to come into your inbox and the people come to your website.

Sales happen when you answer the phone, reply to the email, or convert the visitor into a customer.

The two work together. Can’t have a successful business without both.

In this video from Entrepreneur Magazine, sales expert Perry Marshall explains the 80/20 rule:

  • Selling is taking a position on how a problem can be solved.
  • You need to really believe in what you sell – be passionate about your product or service.
  • You need to know what you Return on Investment (ROI) on your marketing is. Measuring what’s working and what’s not working. This applies to both paid advertising and “organic” (unpaid) marketing.
  • You need to create “raving fans”.
  • In e-commerce, get the traffic, convert the traffic into sales, then take the dollars and re-invest it in more traffic (advertising/marketing)

At Greater Phoenix SCORE, we have over 72 experienced mentors — many in sales and marketing — who can coach you for FREE! Click here to schedule an appointment.


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28 Sep

Safeguarding Your Network from Cyber Crime

“No one wants to make headlines for being the next big security breach.”

So learn how to protect your network by attending “Safeguarding Your Network from Rogue Wi-Fi Threats” on Thursday, October 8th 2015…

Gone are the early days of Wi-Fi, when CSOs lost sleep over threats like WEP cracking and war driving. 802.11n products have matured to the point where many enterprises are investing in larger, faster WLANs to support mission-critical applications. And yet, pros know that security is never to be taken for granted. Here, we offer our Top Ten Wi-Fi Threats and explain why diligence is (still) required. Sholove offers “Night Shift” protection against the following:

  • Data Interception
  • Denial of Service (DOS)
  • Rogue Aps
  • Wireless Intruders
  • Misconfigured Aps
  • Ad Hocs and Soft Aps
  • Misbehaving Clients
  • Endpoint Attacks
  • Evil Twin Aps
  • Wireless Phishing

For a better understanding of these very important definitions, please click here.

Gartner’s Critical Capabilities for High-Security Mobility Management

According to Gartner, Inc, “Although security spending is at an all-time high, security breaches at major organizations are also at an all-time high.” 1 And yet while greater security in enterprise mobility is more needed than ever, many organizations are looking for guidance.

In this inaugural report, Gartner offers guidance on 6 common use cases that can be applied to your organization. This report reviews and evaluates 19 vendors selected on the basis of offering software and hardware products which meet specific security requirements including certifications and awards, data security, and authentication to name a few. Good Technology receives the highest score for 6 out of 6 Use Cases: BYO, Shared Devices, Non-employee, High Security Commercial, High Security Government Grade and Shared Data.

To view full report, click here. Register Now!

For actionable solutions that can protect YOUR organization, please attend Cyber Security For You and YOUR Business on October 8th 2015, you will learn how essential “Layered” Security engagement is to you and your organization!

About the Author/Presenter:

James LoveJames Love, President of Sholove International LLC. Mobility Technology Solutions and Protection. As President of SLI, and area of focus has been on layered cyber protection since 2012. Working in partnership with a host of powerful partners such as Cyren, IBM, Amazon web services, McAfee and Zscaler.


Cyber Crime & Cyber Security – What You Need to Know

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Do You Want 60% More Revenue in Your New Business? Join a Franchise System

Then Join a Franchise System

Do You Want 60% More Revenue in Your New Business?Some prospective business owners may ask, “Why should I invest in a franchise business when I can open my own independent business in the same industry?” The implication is that the first time business owner can do just as good a job opening their independent business as the franchise system does in opening its new outlets. And, since an independent business doesn’t pay royalties the novice independent business owner will put more money in their own pocket.

If we check the data, this turns out not to be true in almost all cases. Actual data shows that in those industries in which franchise systems operate, franchised establishments produce 60% more revenue than independent establishments. Do you want 60% more revenue in your new business?

There are many, many factors that work together to give these results. Let’s look at just two of these factors today. Franchised business establishments end up hiring about 30% more employees than independent business establishments. More importantly, each of the franchise employees produces about 24% more revenue per employee than employees of independent business establishments. These two factors multiplied together (1.30 employees x 1.24 revenue/employee = 1.60 revenue) gives the 60% higher revenue.

The franchise employees are more productive than the independent business employees. Again, there are many, many factors that work together to make this so. Among them typically are better recruiting programs, better training programs, better operating systems and economies of scale.

But does all this put more money in the first time business owner’s pocket?

That is the key question. In addition to franchise businesses having higher revenue they also tend to have lower expenses expressed as a percentage of revenue. One of the biggest expense line items in many industries is labor. Labor is frequently expressed as a percentage of revenue in a profit and loss statement.

Since franchised business have more productive employees their cost of labor expressed as a percentage of revenue is much lower than independent businesses. For those who like math, a 24% increase in revenue per employee translates to a 19% reduction in cost of labor as a percentage of revenue. Would you like a 19% labor reduction to go with your 60% higher revenue? And, would you like an apple pie to go with your cheeseburger?

A well-run franchise system will help reduce the cost of every other line item expense on the P & L Statement as well.

As a percentage of revenue, the franchised establishment will have lower cost of goods, lower overhead cost, lower selling, general & administrative (SG & A) costs, lower cost of debt service (assuming a first time independent business owner can even get financing) than the independent business owner trying to compete with them.

These are some of the reasons why astute business owners choose to wisely invest in a well-run franchise system. With higher revenue and lower costs, after paying a royalty, they end up with more money in their own pocket.

Not sure what type of business you should start? A SCORE mentor can help you with this. Schedule a free mentoring session here.

About the Author:

Kent Craven with FranNetKent Craven is the longest tenured office owner in FranNet. FranNet has worked with SCORE Chapters nationwide since 1987 to help educate prospective business owners about franchising. Contact him at www.frannet.com/kcraven or by phone at 602-224-9333 ext. – 2.


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The Perfect Pitch for Startups [Infographic]

You only have one chance to make a first impression!

Start-upThat still holds true for everything even more so for when you’re pitching your fabulous business idea to potential investors – if you’re looking to go the crowdfunding route. The infographic below gives a step-by-step outline for creating your slide presentation and the whole pitch.

  1. Use quality graphics
  2. Explain your business is 10 words / 30 seconds
  3. Explain the opportunity – what problem are you solving
  4. What makes you unique?
  5. Time to do a demo in less than 10 minutes
  6. How will you achieve critical mass?
  7. What makes you different from the competition? Do you even have competition?
  8. What’s your business model?
  9. Show them the money! Forecast.
  10. Who’s involved?
  11. Final – current status, what’s next?

Need to run the pitch by someone who’s been there? Need help coming up with forecast numbers or any of the other elements of the pitch?

A Greater Phoenix SCORE mentor can help you for free! Click here to schedule your meeting at various places in the Phoenix Valley.

The Perfect Pitch for Startups


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