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Getting Social for Business

Get online, get found and grow your business with social media

By RuthAnn Hogue, GoDaddy

Getting social for businessSocial media has long since taken the leap from an ever-growing collection of forums and apps to enhance your social life to the realm of valuable business tool. If you’re still waiting to join in, here are some reasons why you should.

First, everyone else is doing it. Regardless of what your mother said, sometimes this does matter. Granted, it’s still not wise to jump off a cliff. You can trust her on that one. But if you are a small business trying to reach critical mass you need to get your message in front of potential clients. Today, that means being where they are. And that is on social media.

So, what exactly is social media for business?

Isn’t it just a bunch of egotistical people posting selfies on Facebook and Instagram or snapping pics of themselves on Snapchat using apps to add silly pig noses?

Isn’t it just for kids or those who cannot be bothered express themselves in more than 140 characters on Twitter?

What about all those people going crazy trying to catch imaginary creatures using the Pokѐmon Go app on their smartphones?

And Periscope, isn’t that just a place where users gather to watch whatever someone else is willing to broadcast?

Yes, but each is so much more.

Here are some real-world social media business applications that might make your life better.

Buy the numbers

Still the big daddy of social media, Facebook as of June 2016 reported on average of 1.13 billion active users daily. While using Facebook is free, access to those users is for sale. Because Facebook has so much personal information on its users, targeting your demographic sweet spot is completely possible.

It’s a Snap

Meanwhile, Snapchat was reported as of June 2016 as having 150 million logged-in users. While its content is fleeting, new upgrades now allow users to save memories to create stories. Whether you use Snapchat to share pics of a live event, let people know about an event on deck, post a coupon or offer other perks, it also has the ability to target—now including geographically.

Instagram for Business

For those relying on a personal account to share Instagram images, it’s time to upgrade. The popular photo-editing and sharing app now offers accounts just for business. Unlike its personal accounts, Instagram business accounts allow you to run analytics. In addition to your own posts, you’ll also be able to purchase ad space when you make the switch.

Tweet it up

Twitter is heating up among teens and tweens who want to escape a Facebook landscape increasingly inhabited by their parents and grandparents. Its user base had reached 313 million by the second quarter of 2016, which can easily be targeted using hashtags.  While sponsored hashtags for specific topics or events are available, anyone can create one at no cost. All it takes is a hot topic, a good network of followers and your message can be retweeted around the globe.

Scope it out

Periscope, an offshoot of Twitter, is no longer just for virtual voyeurism. Kind of. You still get to watch whatever someone else decides to live stream. You still get to post comments in real time. Unless marked with the hashtag #save, content disappears within 24 hours.

Only now, in addition to people broadcasting random content, marketing-savvy business owners are using the platform to share content featuring everything from tutorials for hairdressers on the latest cuts and styles to messaging on how they can brand or marketing your business.

Of course, social media is ever-changing and constantly growing. Keeping current is a must. Unless you want to hang out alone.

Check out SCORE’s classes on Social Media and online marketing presented regularly.

About the Author: RuthAnn Hogue, GoDaddy

Based in Arizona, RuthAnn Hogue is the owner and founder of Whiptail Publisher’s Syndicate, a published nonfiction author and a contributor to the GoDaddy blog. The recovering journalist occasionally breaks out her 1979 Gibson Les Paul Custom Deluxe Silverburst rock ‘n’ roll guitar when she wants to let loose. A devoted fur mother, RuthAnn makes time to spoil all four of her Jack Russell terriers when she is not tweeting from @MyWhiptail or posting on Facebook @whiptailpublishing.

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27 Jun

When do you see Social Media Marketing ROI?

How do you measure social media ROI?Whether you’ve been in business for a while or just starting up, a question that I often hear is, “When do I start seeing social media marketing ROI (return on investment)?

It depends.

Back in the days of old-fashioned marketing, determining your return on investment was fairly easy. Say you spent $500 placing an ad in the newspaper, and it garnered $1000 in sales. Your ROI is $500. Easy.

However, in today’s marketing, it’s not that easy. How did a customer find you? Did they Google you? Did they see a post on Facebook or Twitter that a friend of theirs shared? Were they driving by your store or restaurant or did they search an app on their mobile device? Also, what did you invest?

Today’s typical marketing costs are several:

  • Website design, hosting, domain name registration
  • Graphic designer
  • Your time
  • An employee’s time
  • Paid digital advertising on Google Adwords, social media or mobile
  • Printed collateral material like business cards, flyers or direct mail
  • Outdoor signage or billboards
  • Hiring someone to set up your social media profile pages
  • Taking classes on social media marketing

Stop thinking Social Media Marketing ROI and think KPI (Key Performance Indicators)

What are your goals and objectives? They could be:

  • Driving traffic to your website
  • Building your email list
  • Selling products or services on or off line.
  • Getting people to come to your store or restaurant
  • Building awareness
  • Fund raising
  • Establishing yourself as an expert
  • Driving word-of-mouth recommendations
  • Getting on the first page of Google search
  • Building a following on social media
  • Improving customer satisfaction/getting reviews
  • Promoting advocacy
  • Generating quality leads

Some of these are hard to measure. Like how do you know when you’re established as an expert? When you meet someone in an elevator or networking event and they say, “Hey, I’ve seen you on____” or “You’re the _______ lady/guy”! Some are more obvious:

  • When you have over 500 connections on LinkedIn
  • When you’ve got 1000 followers on Twitter
  • When you have 500 Facebook likes
  • When you’re getting 1000 visitors a month to your site

What does it mean to you?

This is different for every business, but you’ve got to identify your KPIs before you start doing any marketing. Write all this down. This becomes part of your overall marketing plan which is part of your overall business plan.

How long does it take to start seeing some Social Media Marketing ROI?

Again, it depends. Some take longer than others. You never know when something is going to take off. However, just because you’re on social media doesn’t mean what you’re posting is going to go viral. Understand this up front. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. You’re in it for the long-haul. Don’t expect overnight success. It doesn’t happen that way. And there are no guarantees that all this will work.

When I’m working with a client, it takes about 90 minutes a day for the first 30 days to build a following. That’s besides blogging 2-3 times a week. Once you have your following built, then it will take you less time. It should take you less than hour a day if you’re using the right tools and everything is set-up properly. Also, in the beginning, it’s like learning several software programs at the same time. It’ll be slow going at first, but once you get used to everything, it’ll take you less time to do what you need to do.

Checking your analytics and insights monthly

You have to check your analytics and insights at the end of every month. Both on your website with something like Google Analytics and on the social networks themselves. Each of the network provides analytics and/or insights which can tell you:

  • How many followers or likes you’ve gotten
  • Which posts got the best engagement (likes, comments, clicks or shares)
  • What other things your audience likes
  • Your following’s demographics: gender, age, location (Are they your target market?)

On your website, you want to see the monthly visitors growing each month. Besides that, you need to know:

  • Which search engines they used
  • Which social network where they on when they clicked on a link to your site
  • How long did they stay on your site
  • How many pages did they view while they were there
  • How many were returning visitors vs new
  • If you have a call-to-action (a freebie that you give away for a visitor’s email address), how many “converted”?

Based on your monthly analytics, you can then see what’s working and what’s not working and adjust your strategic and tactical marketing plans accordingly. You’ll also set new goals for the next month. If you met or surpassed your previous goals, then what you’re going is working. Keep it up. If you didn’t meet your goals, what happened?

  • Were you not blogging enough?
  • Did you not spend enough time engaging on the social networks?
  • Were you posting at the wrong times?
  • Did you not do enough research on your target market to understand how they use the networks and how best to reach them?

Wow! That’s a lot to comprehend! Unfortunately, if you don’t, you suffer the risk of getting left behind in the dust by your competition.

Have you been avoiding digital marketing? You can’t afford to wait any longer if you want to compete in today’s market. Start by attending one of my classes at Greater Phoenix SCORE. I usually do them on the first Thursday of each month. Please comment below with questions.

About the Author:

Giselle Aguiar, AZ Social Media WizGiselle Aguiar, founder of AZ Social Media Wiz is a social media, inbound and content marketing specialist & trainer helping business owners learn how to leverage the power of social media marketing, increase traffic to their websites, generate leads, increase brand awareness and establish themselves as experts in their fields. She’s the official social media, newsletter and blog manager for Greater Phoenix SCORE and teaches once a month at SCORE. Join her on Wednesdays with the Wiz on Facebook Live at 4 pm MST every Wednesday.


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What's your competition doing online? 4 Jan

What’s Your Competition Doing Online?

Most every business has competition.

It’s up to you to keep up with what your competition is doing and today’s technology makes it easy to do that without their knowing it! Here are some tips and tools to help you keep tabs on your competitors.

  • Google Search – put yourself in your target market shoes and enter in the search box – not your company name – but the keyword or phrase that they would enter. (Like “auto repair Phoenix”.) Who comes up first in organic search (not paid)? If it’s not your business, you have to address this. (Related: An SEO Tale of Two Auto Repair Shops). What are they doing that you’re not?
  • Feedly.com – Feedly is your online newsstand. You can subscribe to your competitors’ blogs to see how often they’re blogging and what they’re blogging about. Is it good material? Is it well-written?
  • Facebook: Once you have 100 likes on Facebook, you can add “Pages to Watch” in your “Insights”. Here you can see how many new likes a competitor’s gotten, how many they have all together, how many posts in any given week and the engagement.What's your competition doing online?
  • Twitter: Create a “private” list of your competitors, then add a column in TweetDeck to monitor their tweets. How often are they tweeting? What are they sharing? Is it all about them or do they share other people’s content?
  • LinkedIn: Follow someone without connecting to them. Not many people know that you can do this. You can see the updates. Same thing – what are they sharing?

Here are some things you don’t want to do if you want to stay incognito to them:

  • Like their page on Facebook, add them to a circle in Google+, or add them to a public list on Twitter – they will be notified.
  • View their profile on LinkedIn too many times. Yes, you have do it once to follow them, but that’s it. People are notified when someone views their profile. And no, you don’t want to keep your identity private. You do want potential clients an referral sources to find you.
  • Subscribe to their blog or newsletter via email.

Coming up first in organic Google search is critical. Paid advertisements get ignored. You can come out on top if you incorporate:

  • Proper search engine optimization on your website
  • Blogging 3 times a week
  • Posting regularly on the major social networks

You CAN learn how to do this! Check out my classes — SEO, Using LinkedIn and Learn How to Blog at Greater Phoenix SCORE.

About the Author, Giselle Aguiar, AZ Social Media Wiz

Giselle Aguiar, AZ Social Media WizGiselle Aguiar, founder of AZ Social Media Wiz is a social media, inbound and content marketing strategist & trainer helping business owners learn how to leverage the power of social media marketing, increase traffic to their websites, generate leads, increase brand awareness and establish themselves as experts in their fields. She’s the official Social Media, Newsletter and Blog Manager for Greater Phoenix SCORE and offers Social media classes at the new AZ Social Media Training Center. 602-738-1700. You can connect with Giselle online at LinkedIn or on Google+.



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Holiday Candles 30 Nov

Use social media to showcase your brand’s holiday spirit

No matter what winter holiday you celebrate (or don’t celebrate), you can tap into the holiday spirit to benefit your small business.

‘Tis the season for intense shopping and searching for the perfect gift, and for giving back to individuals and causes that matter. That’s an ideal opportunity to use social media to showcase your brand in the light of giving and receiving—and promote the stuffing out of it.

The key? Be AUTHENTIC. People are getting sold so much they don’t need one more brand trying to convince them to commit to something they don’t want or need. Make your business stand out among all the holiday noise by:

  • Focusing on helping your customers, instead of selling to them.
  • Giving them sincere advice, related to your brand, that will help them survive and thrive during the holidays.
  • Connecting with them on a more personal level via any and all social media channels you use.

If you are familiar with social media, you understand that each type of social channel has its own unique personality. Here are a few holiday marketing ideas for some of the most popular social networks:


Use your business’s Facebook page to show your followers what the holidays really mean to you by featuring people in your company. It gives your followers and inside look at your business and makes your brand feel more human. It is also a great time to showcase philanthropic events your brand is participating in; make sure to post pictures and videos of the event! Encourage others to join in on the generosity as well.

GoDaddy Cares Facebook post


Instagram is all about the visuals! Host an Instagram contest that features your customers and how they spread cheer! Ask your customers how the celebrate the holidays and have them share their photos by tagging your brand and including a specific hashtag in their caption. Reward your followers with a worthwhile prize and watch the pictures pop up in your feed! You can even repost the customer-curated images throughout the season. Bam!


Twitter is a conversational platform that operates in real-time. To get the convo going, create a themed hashtag to spark a discussion between you and your customers. Host a twitter chat about holiday tips and tricks. This lets you connect with your followers AND provides an opportunity for them to learn and share.


Pinterest is the place people get inspired! Pin pictures of table settings or how to get your holiday meal prepared with no stress. Create boards that will help your followers keep calm and collected during this often stressful time. Use Pinterest’s buyable pin feature to slip in a relevant product or two.

Pinterest holiday contest

Whatever social media networks you choose to leverage for your small business this holiday season, just remember that the holidays are about more than gift-giving. Give your followers and opportunity to see your brand in authentic, generous light. By doing so, you’ll be sure to inspire others with your brand and truly stand out in the crowd!

Greater Phoenix SCORE regularly holds classes on marketing and social media. Click here for upcoming class schedule.

By Jillian Johnson for GoDaddy

About the Author:

Jillian Johnson with GoDaddyJillian Johnson is a social media specialist at GoDaddy. She’s committed to contributing bold and innovative ideas for sharing brand and personal narratives online, and believes that a carefully crafted digital identity can be a game-changer for both businesses and individuals. In Jillian’s world, there’s a GIF for every emotion and a dance battle is the best way to settle a conflict. In her spare time, she is exploring Seattle, one local spot at a time.

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Here’s What You Missed by Not Following SCORE on Twitter!

Twitter - follow meTwitter is an excellent way to get the latest news and follow influencers in various industries. You can click the “star” to “favorite” or bookmark the tweet to read it later or you can save tweets by theme in a “collection”. Use the free Twitter tool, TweetDeck to do that. TweetDeck is a great way to manage tweets, schedule them to post in the future, monitor your notifications, monitor your competitors in a private list, and much more!

Here’s a sample of some of the tweets recently tweets on SCORE’s Twitter account:

Twitter Collection Column in TweetDeckWe’ve used a cool, free feature of TweetDeck to create this embedded widget. In TweetDeck, click on the “+” sign to add a column and select “collection”. Name your collection then “collect” tweets that you’d like to embed in a blog post.

In the Collections column, click on the control icon at the top of the column then click “Share”, then “Embed” and you’ll get a page were you can format how you want it to appear. Then click get code and paste the code in the “text” tab of the blog post. Don’t paste it in the “visual” because then all you’ll see is code.

Twitter is a powerful tool to get exposure, reach your target market and get search engine optimization (SEO) because tweets come up in Google searches.

Cool New Twitter Tool to Save Time & Get Extra Exposure

Does the Ratio of Twitter Followers & Following Matter?

What’s the Best Time to Tweet?

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