Who Needs a Marketing Plan?

Who Needs a Marketing Plan?

SWOT-Analysis of the organic business idea.
SWOT-Analysis of the organic business idea. Belongs to The Organic Business Guide. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You do! A marketing plan is the road map to profitably increase sales. If you want to grow sales, you need a marketing plan. While every plan is different, all marketing plans should cover the following:

  • Description of products and/or services.
  • Define your target market (who will buy from you). What are the geographic, demographic, and behavioral characteristics of your customers.
  • Unique Selling Proposition (How is your product/service different from the competition). This is your competitive advantage.
  • Market Analysis (What is the economic, social, technical, industry and competitive environment). What are your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT Analysis). Conduct focus group studies, if warranted.
  • Objectives for sales volumes, market share, cost of sales, gross margins and net profit including dates for achievement.
  • Strategies and action steps to achieve the objectives. (pricing, product, distribution, promotion/advertising, and people strategies). Use Internet and social media marketing to grow your business.
  • Assign specific tasks, responsibilities and time frames for accomplishment.

A well thought out and executed marketing plan is invaluable to achieving profitable sales growth in your business.

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George Obst, Certified SCORE MentorGeorge Obst is a Certified SCORE mentor with more than 30 years experience profitably managing and growing businesses, including start-ups, purchasing, financing and selling businesses.

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